Meet Gail

Gail Sturgess is a leading advocate and champion in the field of IT Human Capital.

Meet Gail Sturgess - Facilitator, Coach, Speaker
Meet Gail Sturgess

After 20 years in the IT industry as a Programmer, Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence Consultant, specialising in financial systems, Gail moved to the “people side” of IT when she conducted training needs analysis and established training centres for a number of leading organisations in South Africa.

As Executive Director of the Information Technology Users’ Council (ITUC), a body responsible for setting standards and examinations for people in the IT profession, she established the first Standards Generating Body (SGB) for the drafting of IT standards in South Africa. Gail drove the activities of, the SGB for 8 years and was involved in drafting most of the standards generated during that time.

It was also at that time that the IT industry experienced its boom-and-bust time when one year organizations retrenched IT staff in alarming numbers only to offer double-salaries a couple of years later to get them back again. Since then many organizations still complain about “skills shortages” at the higher skills levels in their organizations.

Gail realised that what organizations in the IT industry need is a framework against which IT careers can be mapped and IT people can be developed and grown from entry level through to advanced technical and management levels.

Gail used her vast knowledge and understanding of the IT field to set up a database that has comprehensive information on over 450 IT jobs and an evidence-based Competency Framework that is unequalled. This data is used to create and customise IT Job and Competency Profiles for most of the jobs that exist in IT today. This “system” is now marketed as the ITJobCompiler™. A number of organisations, small, medium and very large, have used this information to define and build careers for their IT staff, thereby growing the skills that they need, and retaining their top IT talent.

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Gail has also created and facilitates a number of programs to assist IT Managers and HR consultants to establish vital IT Human Capital processes that enable them to make decisions today that drive tomorrow’s value.

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Gail has also created a Knowledge Base specifically for IT/HR information and requirements. The IT/HR KnowledgeBase is packed full of information relevant to IT Managers and HR consultants who want to drive organizational value through their people.

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Gail is a firm believer in “professionalism” and is a Professional Member and Fellow of IITPSA (Institute of IT Professionals SA), a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a member of PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of South Africa).


MBA – University of Cape Town
Executive Coaching – University of Cape Town
Workforce Planning – Human Capital Management Institute
Workforce Analytics – Human Capital Management Institute
Human Capital Financial statements – Human Capital Management Institute
Human Capital Strategy – Human Capital Institute
Certificate in Business Analysis – Faculty Training Institute
Certificate in Assessment (NQF) – Assessment College of SA
Certificate in Project Management – College of Project Management
Diploma in Marketing Management (Distinctions) – Damelin Business College