Gail Sturgess is a leading advocate and champion in the field of IT Human Capital Management. Gail has created and developed a number of tools and services to help both IT managers and HR consultants in the IT field better manage, develop and retain top IT talent.

Gail is an IT person by background that has operated at the confluence of IT and HR over the past 15 years. She is passionate about organizational issues that impact IT people, such as:

  • Organisation Design – is the organization optimally structured to delivery its strategy?
  • Career Development – can IT people realise their fullest potential in the organization?
  • Performance Management – is individual performance contributing to organizational performance?
  • Human Capital Strategy – are the right people in the right places?
  • The IT/HR Business Partner – creating an informed and constructive bridge between IT and HR.

Gail’s mastery of the IT/HR domain is without peer…
I strongly recommend that any IT organisation trying to define / refine structure, roles and capabilities engage Gail to assist them with this.

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